Waveshare 7″ 1024×600 HDMI Display in Raspbian – Part 2: Hardware

Well hardware is kinda overstating it. I designed a (simple) adapter to screw the raspberry pi to the back of the screen. Basically I started with two rectangles. One for the pi and one for the screen. Every edge had a hole(M3 for the screen and M2.5 for the Pi) to attach the devices to it. Then cut away some material. Well, pictures are worth a thousand words.. There you go:

This adapter is printed in PLA with a 20% infill and a 0.2mm layer height on my Robox RBX-1. It’s plenty strong to support the pressure on the screen under normal use. The pi then goes onto the back of this. That’s all there is to say. File’s attached to the post. Have fun.


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